Daily Dosage Series Wrap Up

15 Jan

Daily Dosage Series releases new tunes every 24 hrs (Nov-Dec '09). "Best of Daily Dosage" coming soon! (Artwork Design by: Allen Walker)


Daily Dosage #1: “Thank You”
by Kev Choice on Oct.30, 2009

Coming off a very successful and memorable show at Yoshi’s in Oakland, Kev Choice recorded “Thank You” over this Jay-Z “Thank You” Instrumental, to show appreciation to all who have been supporting his musical endeavors. Be on the lookout for new songs and a forthcoming mixtape very soon, “The Power of Choice”!!!!


Daily Dosage #2: “Thriller” (Halloween Exclusive)
by Kev Choice on Oct.31, 2009



Daily Dosage #3: “These Words”
by Kev Choice on Nov.02, 2009

Hope Everyone had a Happy Halloween….now as we enter the month of November, prepare for a musical journey into the mind and vaults of Kev Choice as he releases new material EVERYDAY until DEC. 31st!! This music will be part of a series called “Daily Dosage”, being that daily Kev Choice will upload FREE music to this site and through his twitter and facebook pages.
Being that it’s Sunday, today’s song fits the mood perfectly. “These Words” expresses the power of words from a religious aspect and how those words helped mold Kev Choice into what he is today. Hope you enjoy……


Daily Dosage #4: “Milk and Honey Verse”
by Kev Choice on Nov.02, 2009



Daily Dosage #5: “The Bridge” (Bay Bridge Anthem)
by Kev Choice on Nov.04, 2009

The “Daily Dosage” Series (actually “Nightly Dosage” this time)…
Sorry for the late post, but no sleep in over 30 hours and a big rehearsal with Goapele today held me up a bit…plus internet issues…

But anyway, here it is…”The Bridge”!!!!!!!!

With the recent issues of the Bay Bridge being shut down, I decided to make an ode to the bridge and how important it is in Bay Life….taking a reference from the classic songs “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and “The Bridge is Over”!!! Check it OUT!!!! Daily Dosage continues!!!!


Daily Dosage #6: “A Year Ago”
by Kev Choice on Nov.05, 2009

Where were you on this day one year ago on November 4th, 2008 – the day Barack made history and became the first African-American President?

The mood in the streets of Oakland (and I’m sure around the country) and the world was like that of which I have never witnessed and may never witness again. The joy, elation, celebration, pride and unity was priceless. A year later, a lot has transpired and to me it seems people forgot that moment, its importance and that “feeling.” As I reflected on that, this song came about, “A Year Ago.”


Daily Dosage #7: “Break ” (How Low Can You Go)”
by Kev Choice on Nov.06, 2009

In the news recently there has been the story of the brutal gang rape of 15 year girl at Richmond High School. It has definitely touched a nerve in the citizens of Richmond, the Bay Area, and across the nation. I wanted to touch on it a bit, even though I am waiting on more details to find out more about what happen.

It seems clear the young girl was taken advantage of and was left in a very bad condition, all while people watched and even joined in. Rape is a horrendous act and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, but it also made me think of all the victims who never even speak out or get attention for their situations.

It’s a delicate situation, and one that brings out a lot of anger and outrage, and I tried to reflect that in the song, while also speaking about how I see dudes dealing with women on a daily basis.

These women need a break,
society needs a break….


Dedicated to the victim of the rape at Richmond High, and all the women who have been victims of abuse..

Stay Strong, Speak Out, Stand Firm.


Daily Dosage #8: “Gettin’ it Good” feat. Viveca Hawkins
by Kev Choice on Nov.06, 2009

TGIF!! Here Is Today’s Daily Dose!! Featuring the very talented Viveca Hawkins on the chorus. I went in on some lyrical stuff on this one to get people to really start focusing on me as an MC and not just a pianist. On some real hip-hop, samples, crazy drums, lyrics, but i also tried to add a futuristic twist to it. Had to drop a bar about the Fort Hood incident. Prayers to them all. Will try to go more in depth when i get more info. Look out for “Daily Dosage” on the weekends, the INSTRUMENTAL SERIES!!!!!!!!


Daily Dosage #9: “Pulchritude” (Weekend Instrumentals)
by Kev Choice on Nov.08, 2009

On a lovely mellow Saturday morning, I came up with this cut to start off the Daily Dosage ‘Weekend Instrumental’ Series. So basically, on weekends, I will put up instrumentals of some sort, to showcase my flavor as producer, composer, and pianist. Be on the lookout for the ‘Weekend Instrumentals,’ which will showcase a variety of styles including Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz, Classical, and even on some Alternative vibe. Hope you enjoy “Pulchritude”, which is just another way of saying beauty. This would be perfect to chill around the house and bump with that special someone. Enjoy!


Daily Dosage #10: ”The Roundtree” (Weekend Instrumentals)
by Kev Choice on Nov.09, 2009

Wassup people!!! Here is a composition I came up with TODAY!! Composed, Arranged, Played, Mixed, all today. This may be one of my favorite jewels so far. I’ve always wanted to do a whole project in this vain, a mix of Hip-Hop, Jazz, Fusion, and Soul. Hope you enjoy it. Dedicated to an old friend of mine


Daily Dosage #11: “Walls”
by Kev Choice on Nov.10, 2009

Seeing that I went to Germany this year with Zion I, and today was the 20th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, I thought I’d approach that subject in my own way. It’s still a delicate issue even in that country, as I found out when I tried to inquire about it while I was over there. In this song, I’m not just speaking specifically about The Berlin Wall, or even about physical walls, but anything that holds us back or keeps us from getting somewhere in life, or seeing people for who they really are and not what they appear to be. In an ideal world there would be no boundaries, no limitations, no expectations of what a person can do or is supposed to be and everyone would be free to go where they please, and do as they please. That’s the general theme of the song. Also, to add to the German twist,I sampled Richard Strauss “Erlkonig” in the beginning, and the main sample is from Mozart’s 40th Symphony. Hope you enjoy!!


Daily Dosage #12: “I Don’t Walk (I Fly)”
by Kev Choice on Nov.11, 2009

Well, this one is actually the First of the series to be a lil late Actually, put up at 1:52am on 11/11/09…BUT!!!! It was composed, produced, written, recorded, arranged and on 11/10/09. I’m working hard and really pushing myself!! Plus, I think it’s worth the 2 hour wait. I had a song I was going to put up today that I had recently done and no one has heard, but I heard this melody and rhythm in my head and picked up the midi controller and the rest is history. I been doing a lot of serious songs with this series so I wanted to do something a little more fun and light subject wise. I played everything and programmed everything on this song, A Full Kev Choice Production, and I must say, this one has got me excited. NO SAMPLES! his song is pertaining to my ethic and zone I’m in right now. I’m not walking or taking my time anymore, I’m FLYING, reaching new heights. No more, TRYING, time to do it. That word has been Eliminated from the vocabulary. Enjoy No more waiting, time to get where I need to be. Yeah, that goes for you too. LET’S GO!!!


Daily Dosage #13: “Veteran Daze”
by Kev Choice on Nov.12, 2009

In honor of Veteran’s day, I did a song relating to a young man, who enlist in the military, becomes a soldier, goes to war, and comes home a veteran and all the emotions and experiences I would imagine he or she would have. The song uses a sample from Jon Lucien’s “The War Song” a song I’ve been bumping since I was a teenager. This was the perfect song to use it for and it provides a perfect soundtrack for this story.


Daily Dosage#14: “Kill That”
by Kev Choice on Nov.13, 2009

Here is an Exclusive song I have actually performed before, but I just recently recorded and the studio version has never been heard. Off top, I am not advocating or trying to imply “killing” anyone but the title comesfrom the phrase “Kill The Noise”(LOL). This song is me taking aim at M.C.’s who aren’t doing anything creative or inspiring with their art. I try not to knock other artist or take away from any person who has become successful at what they do, but the M.C. in me has a real competitive edge, holds no bars on how he feels, and aims to be considered one of the best. “Bringing Real Back, Real Music Real Rap” is in reference to how the music and the Hip-Hop I grew up on had a certain focus on style, creativity, originality, flow, and just all around inventiveness. The music I listened to in my youth was actually made my real “musicians”. And although the goal is always to push the art forward, I feel we gotta bring some of that “Real” music back. Which Is why I focus so much on keeping my band, “Kev Choice Ensemble” together and on the scene. I’m going in this one, hope you feelin’ it! In addition, I dedicate this one to one of my favorite MC’s in history, A Bay Legend, and one who I learned a lot from when I was coming up rapping. “Saafir”, had one of the sickest, most creative flows in the game and still does. Being around him and his crew “Hobo Junction” as a teenager gave me the foundation to always have a certain standard in writing raps and songs. Check out that “Boxcar Sessions”, one of the most lyrically creative albums in Hip-Hop history.


Daily Dosage #15: “Money Can’t Buy”
by Kev Choice on Nov.13, 2009

So much stress of materialism in today’s music gets overbearing. Most people I know aren’t “balling” so how does this music relate to us. It’s sad to see how this effects people, especially the youth, trying to keep up with all the things the media presents to us as what makes us “special” or “important” or “successful”. I want to convey to people that we are fresh how we are, and with what we already possess, and that it’s what’s inside of us that matters. We can aspire to have material things, thats all good, but don’t let it distract from us being happy with who we are right now!


Daily Dosage #16: “Niaja Rae” and bonus track “Little Girl” (Weekend Instrumentals)
by Kev Choice on Nov.14, 2009

In honor of my little girls birthday, here are two songs dedicated to her “Niaja Rae” and “Little Girl”. Niaja Rae is an instrumental beat and as I bonus I included “Little Girl” which was recorded about 5 years ago and if you listen closesly, you can here my lil girl singing in the beginning, on the hook and at the End. She was only like 2 years old!


Daily Dosage #17: “New Occasions”
by Kev Choice on Nov.16, 2009

Here is another “Weekend Instrumental” version of the “Daily Dosage” series. I have been creating a lot of lately, experimenting with different styles, tempos, sounds, genres, and this is one of them. Trying to stretch my boundaries a bit, see what I come up with. This beat makes me envision landing on another planet, and when I am greeted by the inhabitants there, we can’t understand each others language. So, I play this beat, and all of a sudden the creatures light up the sky with fireworks and start doing a unique dance only known to those in their galaxy, and they began giving me the royal treatment as one of their own. The drum solo at the end is done by one of the people from that planet. Far Out..Check it out “New Occasions”!!!


Daily Dosage #18: “Gone Crazy” (Prince cover)
by Kev Choice on Nov.17, 2009

Bodies found in Berkeley Marina, shootings after House of Soul concert in SF, 16-year old carjacking suspect killed in Richmond….things are real Crazy right NOw!! This week I will be doing all Prince cover’s, samples, inspired songs. Gearing up for Kev Choice Ensemble TRIBUTE-PRINCE “THE PURPLE PARTY”-FRIDAY AT SHATTUCK DOWNLOW IN BERKELEY


Daily Dosage #19: “I Wanna Be Your Lover”
by Kev Choice on Nov.18, 2009

Continuing with Prince “Tribute” Week…here is a remake of one of my all-time Prince Favorite’s, “I Wanna Be Your Lover.” Something for the ladies.


Daily Dosage #20: “The Beauty Of It All” (Venus de Milo-Prince)
by Kev Choice on Nov.20, 2009

The beauty of the melody and harmony of this Prince and The Revolution classic, “Venus de Milo” from the Parade album brought about my sentiment in this song. Instead of chopping it up and sampling it, I decided to just rap to the whole song, with a few edits here and there to make it longer. I go back to my childhood in this one, give you a little history of what it was like for me and how I began to discover my musical talents, as a way to express myself during an adverse time in my life. I know we all face ridicule, get teased, and taunted as kids, and we all deal with it in different ways. Luckily, I found a way to deal with it, and found an outlet to release some of my frustrations, which in return, garnered me more respect and admiration from my peers throughout the course of my adolescence. So the beauty of it all is when, you can discover something about yourself, that can help better yourself, by going through a tough or difficult time. So, even the hard times have value, and often greater value, then easier times. Check it out.


Daily Dosage #21: “Grammy Family”
by Kev Choice on Nov.21, 2009

Wednesday Night, Kev Choice Ensemble had the pleasure of performing for The San Francisco Chapter of The Recording Academy aka NARAS [The National Academy of Arts and Sciences]. The event was held at “Temple” in Downtown San Francisco which is a fly little club on Howard. It was an honor to be invited to perform, also headline, this event that also included “The Jazz Mafia All-Stars”, who as always, put on a great show. A lot of bigwigs in the house, music attorneys, engineers, studio honors, artist, management, producers, and other industry related folks. Great place to network, and I look forward to becoming a member and getting involved with a lot of the events and programs they have, which often involve education to youth and others coming up in the industry. And of course, it’s members Vote for THE GRAMMY’s. They throw a pretty cool party too, and depsite a little “technical” difficulty, the event organizer’s were very supportive and helpful. They were excited to have me there, as much as I was excited to be there. The Ensemble had em rockin and moving up in there! Great Look! This song, talk’s about that experience over “The Grammy Family” Beat that Kanye West, Consequence, and John Legend rocked over. Love this beat.


Daily Dosage #22: “Heart Attached”
by Kev Choice on Nov.22, 2009

Here is another edition of “Weekend Instrumentals” for The Daily Dosage Series. This is a composition/beat I came with attempting to find a new sound and direction to take my music in. I played all the instruments on it, but definitely have the vision of it being replayed in a live context by a full band. I’m starting to hear things and listening to things out of the standard hip-hop or soul box, so this is just a beginning representation of me stretching my own boundaries musically and sonically.


Daily Dosage #23: “LadyBird”
by Kev Choice on Nov.23, 2009

LadyBird is a one of favorite Jazz standards and was written by the great pianist/composer/arranger Tadd Dameron(1917-1965). Tadd Dameron wrote many classics including “Good Bait”, “Hot House”, and “Our Delight”. He was also the “go-to-guy” for writing arrangements for bands during his time. “LadyBird” was a staple of the “Bebop” repertoire and almost every main Jazz artist has played or recorded a version of it. It was also one of the first real Jazz songs I learned. For today’s “Weekend Instrumental”, I approach it in a “Dillaesque” style, to give it a pure hip-hop feel. I always wanted to do a full project of Jazz standards with a Hip-Hop twist, so this may be the jump off for that. Enjoy!


Daily Dosage #24: “Take It There” – feat. MacArthur
by Kev Choice on Nov.24, 2009

As we start a new week, I wanted to take the “Daily Dosage” Series to another level. I’m always trying to think different and challenge myself and create new sounds. I made this beat this morning and then went to hook up with my cousin MacArthur, Silk-E, and Martin Luther over in the city. So much talent in the room, someone was bound to end up on today’s Daily Dosage, and look for more collabs this week! It’s importane for musicians/artist to create together to bring out things from each other we may not have thought of on our own. I have about 40 more days of this series and Im going to try as many different styles, subject matters, sounds as possible. Why not? Everyday is a new day, new feeling, new outlook. On another note, watching the VMA’s last night, very briefly, just made me feel like, the industry needs the approah I’m coming with, a new approach. Lost in all the hype, hoopla, theatrics, drama, scandals, and mishaps, is the pure expression of music and one’s individual talents. With this song I’m taking people THERE. Where it’s just about the pure love and enjoyment of music, expression, being yourself, and also having a good time with it. This song was a lot of fun, shout out to MacArthur, make sure you check him out at myspace.com/itsmacarthur.


Daily Dosage #25: “On It”
by Kev Choice on Nov.25, 2009

#25! Gettin’ up there! Tiring, taxing, but I gotta stay “On It”! Some people may question the benefit of putting up so much FREE music online. I took it upon myself as a challenge, to show people my diversity and ability as an artist, and also just to garner attention for myself as an Artist, Hopefully, those of you who are checking these out are telling people about it and bringing them to the site so more people are exposed. It’s a difficult task, but worth it, and I will stay “On It”. having a little fun with the beats and the raps this week. Making songs more accessible to fans of all types of Hip-Hop and other music, focusing on memorable hooks, danceable rhythms, and lighter subject material. Don’t fret, I will get back to the deeper and more challenging music soon, and that will always be the core of my output. I enjoy doing all types of songs and these are no different, and are also important for every artist to have in his repertoire. As this series goes along, I will try different things throughout. Hope you Like!!


Daily Dosage #26: “Never Know”
by Kev Choice on Nov.26, 2009

Making the change from being a primary sideman to an artist and leader of a band is difficult. There are more responsibilities and higher expectations and it all falls on your name. Yet, the reward is greater being able to express yourself to the fullest and put forth the music that represents all sides of your creativity. In this song I talk about that transition and what it has meant for me as a artist, musician, and a person in general. This is a song that I have performed for awhile, but have never released the actual recording, so here it Is! I’m thankful for the opportunity to be able to share my music and have my individual voice and opinions heard. Happy Thanksgiving!


“Daily Dosage #27: “Thankful” – produced by Fluid Orion
by Kev Choice on Nov.27, 2009

Thanksgiving Special!

Happy Thanksgiving…I’m thankful for so much, but I’m bout to go EAT!!! Plus, be with the fam and friends…Have a good day…Be Thankful!! one Love to my homie Fluid Orion for the beat! We got more heat in store for y’all!! Peace.


Daily Dosage #28 “Go Shopping”
by Kev Choice on Nov.28, 2009

Black Friday, is the “official” beginning of Christmas Shopping Season. Some stores were open at midnight, offering unbeatable sales and discount prices to lure shoppers. Has the true meaning of the Christmas season been lost? Do business and corporations use this holiday to jolt there overall sales for the year? Will people spend all their money in efforts to keep up with the latest products on the market? Sure, It’s The American Way. “Go Shopping”! Ironically, the beat for this song is the instrumental for “Throw It In The Bag-Remix” by Fabolous feat. Drake….dope!!


Daily Dosage #29: “Run Away” (Weekend Instrumental)
by Kev Choice on Nov.30, 2009

Sometimes, you want to just run away, get away from people, problems, or whatever. Throw this on, and get free.


Daily Dosage #30: “Easy” (Weekend Instrumental)
by Kev Choice on Nov.30, 2009

Been a crazy month with shows, holidays, and keeping up with “Daily Dosage”. So today, I just took it “Easy”. This composition came about from my mood today. Relaxed, contemplative, chill.


Daily Dosage #31: “Weight”
by Kev Choice on Dec.01, 2009

A lot of weight on my shoulders right now, music, family, life, issues of the world, and sometimes it gets heavy. Took a moment to let off a little of the weight with this one. Looking forward to another month of “Daily Dosage” Series, and continuing to push forward with presenting fresh music everyday.


Daily Dosage #32: “Welcome to December” by Kev Choice
by Kev Choice on Dec.02, 2009

*Today is World Aids Day and Rosa Parks Day.

December 1st, the first day of the last month of the year. There is excitement in the air as we near the heart of holiday season, the change of seasons, and a New Year. December 1st is a significant day in history, being the day that Rosa Parks refusal to get out of her seat sparked The Montgomery Bus Boycott, and The Civil Rights Movement. Today is also the widely recognized World AIDS Day. It’s also an important day to me being that this is a new month of The “Daily Dosage” Series and I have reached an important milestone. I’ve seen cats online put up a song a day for a month straight, but two months I believe is unprecedented. So, I’m excited about the opportunity to make history, and keep sharing music with y’all. Keep spreading the word, WE are making HISTORY. “Welcome to December”, produced by me last night after I left the Air Lounge in Oakland, features a sample from the song “Once Upon A December” from The Anastasia soundtrack. Now, I wouldn’t normally sample Disney but, It has a beautiful melody and progression, and the words fit perfectly for today’s date and topic. Disney and Hip-Hop? What’s the world coming to right? The song in the beginning is Norah Jones-”December”. Lyrically, I had to touch on a few current events, check it out, Leave A Comment!!!! Peace.


Daily Dosage #33: “War, What For (Home)”
by Kev Choice on Dec.03, 2009

I know a lot of people are disappointed in Obama. 30, 000 more troops? What is this War really about? What is it for? Are we trying to defend against future attacks on our homeland, while we attack the homeland of others. It’s a sad situation, and I am for Peace. I had been doing some research and I tried to explain the situation in Afghanistan the best I could, to give folks an overview who may not be informed. In this song, I sampled some music from Afghanistan, an artist named Ahmad Zahir. The song is called “Larsha Mim Dar Ghar Pashto”, which has something to do with “home’ and “persian”. Dope song, I love the music from this region, the scales, and the rhythms are distinct and unique, as well as the instruments they use. Hope you enjoy. Peace.


Daily Dosage #34: “The Best”
by Kev Choice on Dec.04, 2009

Be The Best!!!! every situation, give it your best, and no one can judge you or criticize you about anything. Every Daily Dosage may not be a big hit single, but for that day it’s the best I could come with so I’m proud and confident in it.


Daily Dosage #35: “Party Wit You”
by Kev Choice on Dec.05, 2009

TGIF!! Time to step out a bit, maybe have a little fun, hit a club or lounge in the Town. There are a lot of cool new spots. This is a fictional tale of me meeting a girl at the club who was so fly to me, she had to be from another another planet, universe, or even galaxy!!. An out of this world little love song


Daily Dosage #36: “Christmas Time”
by Kev Choice on Dec.06, 2009

weekend instrumental for the holiday season!!! one of my favorites, and also one of the first songs i learned how to play by ear as a kid….enjoy…


Daily Dosage #37: “When It Rains”
by Kev Choice on Dec.07, 2009

Another Weekend Instrumental portion of the “Daily Dosage” Series……I hear there is a storm coming, and it was raining some today in the Bay Area, which inspired this composition. It’s just solo piano, not a real piano, (I wish), and I actually recorded this with just a 49-key midi controller. Would love to get to play this on an 88-key Grand Piano . As I was coming up with this piece, I was reminiscing and drawing on influences from two of my favorite classical composers, Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy, the famous French Impressionist. Known for their rich exotic harmonies, and music that was very “descriptive and picturesque”.


Daily Dosage #38: “My Town”
by Kev Choice on Dec.08, 2009

As I state in the beginning of this song, after my show this Saturday in San Francisco,opening for Digable Planets, I met a woman at the bar who was telling me she enjoyed my show. As we were talking, she explained that she lived in the neighborhood, The Richmond District, and how much she loved it over there. I asked her does she come to Oakland much, and she gave me the CRAZIEST look and said “Oh No!!! It’s too dangerous over there, I’m too scared”!!!! She also made a comment that she had a bad experience there, and “the last time she went to Jack London, she got blood on her”. I found this too be quite hilarious, and ridiculous, as well as extremely sad. But, at the same time, I hear this often, and it is not a new or unique perception. People from around the Bay Area or other places, saying they “fear” or are “scared” and feel “threatened” coming to Oakland, is very common. To me it is a very narrow-minded outlook, and it is obvious that they haven’t experienced the many positive aspects and beautiful, safe areas of our city. A lot of this perception is re-inforced by negative portrayals in the media, who often report murders, robberies, and drug issues, while not giving equal coverage to the many positive charachteristics of Oakland. I will be honest, there are dangerous area’s of Oakland, and you do need to be careful in certain neighborhoods. But the same can be said about San Francisco, or any other city in the Bay Area or country for that matter. Don’t let the negative images prevent you from seeing the real jewels of our city, the wonderful, diverse, and strong group of people that make up the Oakland demographic. Artist, educators, hard-working, strong-minded, family oriented, progressive thinking, “real” people, trying to make a living. Come get to know us, don’t be “scuuured”.lol. Thanks to “MacArtuhur” for assistance on the background vocals.


Daily Dosage #39: “So Cold”
by Kev Choice on Dec.09, 2009

BRRRRRRRR… One of the coldest December 8ths on record in The Bay Area. Woke up and it was Ice on the car, and all over the grass. It SNOWED in Oakland Hills the other day!! But, anyway, everybody was complaining about how “cold” it was, so it gave me an idea to flip the concept metaphorically and talk about how “cold” the world can be or how “cold” life can be in general. Despite, how “cold” the world can be, there has to be those of us who bring that “warmth”. Warm Hearts, warm spirits, to offset that coldness that we all face. And plus, the track, an original that I produced, just this morning, is straight HEAT!!

A lot of people are wondering what is the process of “Daily Dosage”. I think I’m going to try to video the whole process one day and post it up.Look for that soon. Stay Warm y’all.


Daily Dosage #40: “Motivation”
by Kev Choice on Dec.10, 2009

What motivates me to keep pushing forward??? Highly self-motivated, inspired by the spirit of the underdog. Influenced by the voices of the unheard. My fight is fueled by the plight of our grandmothers, grandfathers and ancestors. The children, the future, the promise of what is yet to come. The Encouragement from those whotake the time to Listen….The desire To be the best, a pioneer, a father, a friend, a family member……My motivation…check it out…..


Daily Dosage #41: “Sex” – feat. MacArthur
by Kev Choice on Dec.11, 2009

I never know how these are going to come out, I swear. I didn’t wake up this morning planning on making a song about “Sex”. But, I guess it was on my mind..lol…I came with the beat first., I wanted to do something simplistic, open, sparce, and with a different type of drumkit. As soon as I had the beat, I called my cuzzo “MacArthur” and was like “you gotta get on this one”. We went back and forth with a few ideas and came out with a jewel. Lyrically, I approached this like I would approach a female I wanted to have sex with, and just tried to describe that experience. I’m not gonna go into too much details, just listen to the song!


Daily Dosage #42: “Flying High”
by Kev Choice on Dec.11, 2009

This whole song, from the beat to the lyrics, were created and recorded at Gate 40, SFO Airport, while I waited for the plane. Heading To ATLANTA for a few days. Don’t Fret….Daily Dosage Will Continue!!!!!!>>>>>TGIF…Have a good one!!!


Daily Dosage #43: “Majestic Ize” (Weekend Instrumental)
by Kev Choice on Dec.13, 2009

Down here in ATL…still gettin it in wit the Daily Dosage…… These chords came to me this morning, then I sat down and began putting the melody to it. Sounded majestic to me, hence the title. I envisioned a “super-sonic soulful army of soldiers marching in the streets, led by the king and queen of a distant astronomical planet of funk.”

…the majestic ize of the universe are watching us….. smile


Daily Dosage #44: “A-Town Dream” (Weekend Instrumental)
by Kev Choice on Dec.14, 2009

This was inspired by me hitting up a few different spots in Atlanta last night. Hearing the rhythm’s and sounds that they dance to in the club, and actually seeing it in person, gives it another meaning. I had to throw my own twist on it, but this is what came to me, my “A-Town Dream”.


Daily Dosage #45: “Feel”

by Kev Choice on Dec.15, 2009

This is Bay Legends Week, in Preparation for my show Friday at The Shattuck Downlow in Berkeley, “Tribute-Bay Legends.” All week, I will use Bay Area music as reference or sample. This first song, is a George Duke sample, who is from the North Bay, over in San Rafael, and is also one of my biggest influences as a pianist/keyboardist/composer. in this song I talk about how we as artist and as a society have become desensitized to a lot of things and are trained to not really show our emotions or feelings. This is especially reflected in a lot of Hip-Hop music.


Daily Dosage #46: ”Hold On”
by Kev Choice on Dec.16, 2009

Continuing on the Bay Legends theme, this is a sample of En Vogue’s famous hit “Hold On.” The rhyme is a true story of two situations i went through today in two different cab rides in two different parts of the country.


Daily Dosage #47: “Sooner or Later”

by Kev Choice on Dec.16, 2009

A lot of people always ask me “when you gonna make it?” or “why aren’t you big yet”? Good Question…lol…but everything happens in due time and for a reason, and I’m still pushing, creating, and growing as an artist, so i feel my chance and opportunity will come. For this song, I did an reterpolation of Larry Graham’s “Sooner or Later. Bay Legends week continues!!!!


Daily Dosage #48: “Heaven”
by Kev Choice on Dec.18, 2009

We are exposed to a lot of things in society through media and other social outlets. As I was making this beat, whch is a sample from Steve Miller Band’s “Wild Mountain Honey”, the words got me thinking about heaven, and what me as an individual and we as a people are doing to actually “get there”. I wondered if people even believed in Heaven anymore, as a place where we go in the after-life. I also thought about the concept of Heaven On Earth. This song came out through divine intervention, I had no idea what it would be when I sat down. I’m pretty pleased with the direction, hopefully it’s a step towards “Heaven”, and hopefully you like! Peace.


Daily Dosage #49: “The Exception” – produced by Aagee
by Kev Choice on Dec.22, 2009

Daily Dosage is back!! Despite obstacles of life, website issues and all, I’m going to continue through New Year’s Day, somehow, someway. Thanks for everyone’s support to all who have been listening and downloading songs faithfully. I had to reflect and ponder during this holiday season, as it becomes more and more difficult to do this series, is it worth the time and energy? I came to the conclusion that, it is, and that even though it’s hard, I must finish what I started and in the end, the results will speak for itself. This music will reflect a transitional period for me and a period of growth and development as I had into 2010, which will be a crucial year in my career. I feel like what I do is necessary and important and needs to be heard and I’m willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to make that happen. There are a lot of talented artist out there, but I feel I have something unique and special to offer.

Anyway, here is Daily Dosage #49, “The Exception” produced by my man Aagee!


Daily Dosage #50: “Black Santa”
by Kev Choice on Dec.23, 2009

The Black Santa Anthem……..


Daily Dosage #51: “All I Want”

by Kev Choice on Dec.24, 2009

All I Want for Christmas….”is to Live, to Love, to Give, and Get Back Some…..”


Daily Dosage: #52: “whatchildisthis”
by Kev Choice on Dec.25, 2009

Merry Christmas to all…..


Daily Dosage #53: “angelswehaveheardonhigh”
by Kev Choice on Dec.27, 2009

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!


Daily Dosage #54: “Kwanzaa Song”
by Kev Choice on Dec.28, 2009

Christmas is Over, we are still in the midst of the holiday season. And the day after Christmas, December 26th, is the official start of Kwanzaa. i just seem to notice a lower visibility and attention level for Kwanzaa this year. So, I felt this song was necessary. I took a sample of some Nigerian soul music from the 70’s to add an African element and in solidarity with the people of Nigeria who are facing a lot of scrutiny right now due to the recent so-called “terror attack” attempt on an airplane on Christmas Day. So, check it out and go do some research on Kwanzaa and try to practice some of it this year. Finad a Karamu on Dec. 31st, pick up a kinari and some candles. Keep Kwanzaa Alive. It’s important to keep some element of African culture alive in our communities. We can’t just let that connection totally slip away. People who don’t know where they came from, won’t know where they are going.


Daily Dosage #55: “Exhibit KC”

by Kev Choice on Dec.29, 2009


Daily Dosage #56: “No Regrets”
by Kev Choice on Dec.30, 2009


Daily Dosage #57: “2009 Eulogy”
by Kev Choice on Dec.31, 2009


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