Kev Choice releases new album “Social Distancing”

26 Apr
“An artist role is to reflect the times-Nina Simone”’ Days after the initial calls of social distancing, and hours before the Bay Area was the first place in the US ordered to “shelter in place”, pianist/M.C./producer Kev Choice was inspired to create a project to reflect the new realities of life in a world impacted so drastically and rapidly by Covid-19. Taking equipment from his studio into his living room apartment, Kev began creating songs, reaching out to other artist, musicians, and producers similarly quarantined, and expressing the many feelings he was going through from loss of gigs, feelings of isolation, questioning of government response, and looking for glimmers of inspiration during these difficult times. In a 3-4 week span, Kev collaborated with over 15 artists including Mistah F.A.B., Martin Luther, Jennifer Johns, Kevin Allen, Lalin St. Juste of The Seshen, DJ D-Sharp, Drew Banga, Elujay, as well as Kev’s newly formed band BLACK LONDON, musicians and producers from the Bay Area to Los Angeles. An EP turned into an album as more collaborators got involved, and more changes in society began to affect daily lives. Stretching genres from hip-hop, jazz, soul, and R&B, Kev opens up allowing him and his guests to provide inspiration and give a poignant expression of life in times of the Covid-19 crisis era. Kev says “social distancing is about how we can come together and connect even more during these times, and how we need inspiration and collaboration more than ever. Music is a perfect vehicle to showcase and express that. I felt an urgency and necessity to get this music out to the people right now, as we all proceed and deal with a new way of life.”
Social Distancing Album
Listen to the album on all digital platforms!!!

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