31 Aug
Kev Choice and his new collaborative band, BLACK LONDON, drop a new timely video!
Mike Blankenship, Howard Wiley, and Kev Choice,  who together form, B L A C K L O N D O N  are intentional in creating music that reflects the times, our culture, and our people. In these times when protesters can lose their lives at the hands of gun toting vigilantes, we can’t ease up, let up, or give up in the fight for social justice. It’s obvious. It’s essential. Rebel. “Rebel” shot and edited by @hourvoyses additional editing by @mikeblankenship  #justiceforgeorgefloyd #justiceforjacobblake #justiceforbreonnataylor #justiceforseanmonterrosa #freethemall #publicenemy #rebelwithoutapause #defundthepolice #blackvote #oakland #bayarea #musicians #pianist #saxophonist #blackmusicmatters

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