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Kev Choice Speaks on Panel- Black and Asian Unity

26 Mar

Join an important conversation on Asian & Black Unity & Division in the current climate. Speakers include Kev Choice, Equipto, Refa One, Dawn Elissa Fischer, Needa B & Ras Ceylon. Hosted by Renoir Salgado. Tune in at 4pm PST March 26th.

New Video! “Flatten The Curve” ft. Ian Kelly & Rob Woods

1 Jan

Kev Choice drops new video “Flatten The Curve” from the album “Social Distancing”. This album features Ian Kelly & Rob Woods and is produced by DJ D-Sharp. The video is directed by Elle Jenelle.

3 high level M.C.’s putting the rap game on notice, “weak rappers can’t come outside, if you aint speaking the truth you can’t come outside.” Also, wearing mask to encourage safety as we continue to fight the rise of the coronavirus in our communities.

Kev Choice -“Movements” with San Francisco Symphony

21 Sep

Here is the solo video of Kev Choice’s collaboration with San Francisco Symphony ‘Movements’, featuring emcee/lyricist AÏMA the DRMR, DJ Lady Fingaz, local musicians, dancers, & musicians of the San Francisco Symphony. check it out now!!


Kev Choice collaborates with San Francisco Symphony for web episode “CURRENTS: FROM SCRATCH”

3 Sep

Kev Choice is featured in San Francisco Symphony’s web series “CURRENTS: FROM SCRATCH” episode on Hip-Hop . The episode features a new Kev Choice song “Movements”, written and composed specifically for this collaboration. Oakland Symphony conductor Michael Morgan narrates the story of Oakland, Hip-Hop, activism, and inclusion with Kev Choice and AIMA that DRMR. Check it out!!

Oakland’s deeply rooted & dynamic Hip Hop culture is as much a creation of the city as it IS the city. Explore how art & activism play out in The Town with host/curator Michael Morgan, multifaceted Bay Area artists Kev Choice & AÏMA the DRMR, local musicians & dancers, & SF Symphony musicians.


31 Aug
Kev Choice and his new collaborative band, BLACK LONDON, drop a new timely video!
Mike Blankenship, Howard Wiley, and Kev Choice,  who together form, B L A C K L O N D O N  are intentional in creating music that reflects the times, our culture, and our people. In these times when protesters can lose their lives at the hands of gun toting vigilantes, we can’t ease up, let up, or give up in the fight for social justice. It’s obvious. It’s essential. Rebel. “Rebel” shot and edited by @hourvoyses additional editing by @mikeblankenship  #justiceforgeorgefloyd #justiceforjacobblake #justiceforbreonnataylor #justiceforseanmonterrosa #freethemall #publicenemy #rebelwithoutapause #defundthepolice #blackvote #oakland #bayarea #musicians #pianist #saxophonist #blackmusicmatters

Kev Choice composes music to powerful new piece from NBA All-star Damian Lilliard “Blacklist”

11 Jun

Kev Choice collaborated with Oakland native and Portland Trail Blazers All-Star point guard Damian Lilliard and dropped the powerful track “Blacklist” on Tuesday under his Dame D.O.L.L.A. stage name, accompanied by music composed by Kev Choice. Choice provided the ominous score to the poem addressing historically rooted racism, police brutality, President Trump, the beauty of Black culture and athletes protesting. 

Check it out on Dame’s soundcloud.

Blacklist. By @damianlillard
Composed by @kevchoice
Mixed and Mastered by @NathanSounds
Art by @Brookfieldduece and @daniel.lint

Silver Lining video premiers!!

8 Jun

“Silver Lining”-Kev Choice feat. Mistah F.A.B., Kevin Allen, Brookfield Deuce, Mani Draper directed & edited by Salvatore Fullmore additional footage by Silence Dem All & Kev Choice From the Album Social Distancing Kev Choice is a Bay Area establishment. A prolific Oakland artist, Choice is an MC, bandleader, and multi-instrumentalist; he is also a music teacher at the Oakland School for the Arts and a governor in the Recording Academy’s San Francisco chapter. While 2020 looks as different for Choice’s best-laid plans as it has for most of us, he’s making the best of what has been made available to him. Shelving an EP release with his new band, Black London, for the time being, Choice had opted to collaborate with a collective of Bay Area rappers for an album entitled Social Distancing. Having dropped on 10 April, Choice is joined by Mistah F.A.B., Kevin Allen, Martin Luther, Jennifer Johns, Lalin St. Juste, members of Black London and more on the new LP. On “Silver Lining”, Choice collaborates with the aforementioned F.A.B. and Allen, alongside Brookfield Deuce and Mani Draper. The MCs form a quintet, each getting a step up to the mic to share a verse that reflects on their life amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each beat takes a positive spin—a refreshing twist in light of the world at this moment. The artists reflect on issues that are affecting many of us, from working at home, to self-isolation, religion, and parenting in the midst of quarantine, and more. Its music video is edited and directed by Salvatore Fullmore, with additional footage by Silence Dem All and Choice himself, offering a picturesque look at Oakland at-present. Choice reflects, “With all this going on in our nation right now, it’s important to listen to voices, especially voices of Black men, who’ve endured so much, but can still provide very introspective, positive and real perspectives on our situations dealing with the pandemic, racism, and many other issues we face. This song offers thoughts from five gifted Bay Area MCs on how to find light in the darkest situations and hope in very dire situations.”

Silver Lining Promo Video

30 Apr

Kev Choice shows a glimpse into the current reality of eerily empty streets of some of Downtown Oakland’s busiest blocks as he spits his verse from the song “Silver Lining”


Kev Choice Silver Lining Promo from album “Social Distancing

Silver Lining feat. Mistah F.A.B., Kevin Allen, Brookfield Deuce, Mani Draper Video

shot, directed, edited by Tony Vic

Sharp Choice Records 2020



SF Chronicle Datebook features Kev Choice and new album “Social Distancing”

29 Apr

Kev Choice and his new album “Social Distancing” was recently featured in SF Chronicle! Check out the article online and in the April 30th edition of the Chronicle.

Kev Choice shifts gears as the world does, releases ‘Social Distancing’ album

Kev Choice performs “Take Me To Your Leaders” for Tiny Desk Contest

29 Apr

Kev Choice-Take me To Your Leader

Kev Choice-Piano, Vocal

Keith Snodgrass- Acoustic Bass


Kev Choice and bassist Ketih Snodgrass recently did a stripped down version of “Take Me To Your Leaders” from his album “Social Distancing” as a submission to NPR’s “Tiny Desk” contest.

“This song was written to express my sentiments around how the leadership of our country has in many ways failed us during this Covid-19 crisis. .I imagined what would happen if aliens came from another planet and ask to be taken to our leaders. What would they say? I also to express many of my anxieties, thoughts, and concerns, around shelter in place and how it’s effecting my daily life.”

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